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Richard Quintano

also known as "Richie Q." and “Beeman”

Born Bronx, NY 1936     Died Levittown, PA 2015


It seems that many families have a friendly unofficial competition / running debate as to who makes the best red sauce (or gravy). In our family, it was pretty well agreed upon that the best sauce -- and meatballs -- were made by “Beeman”. (Richard Quintano, also nicknamed Richie Q.) In the 1980’s, after a great meal, someone at the table would inevitably propose that … “we should sell this stuff!”  Of course no other details were ever provided as to how to execute that. And the conversation would soon turn to other topics. 

But now, all these years later, we at Meatball U. have decided to follow through on the idea. We opened our first store in West Chester, PA, on November 24, 2019. We are family friendly AND student friendly. We hope to open more stores – preferably in college towns.

We just want to give Richie Q. some recognition, as it is his sauce recipe that inspired the idea and his sauce recipe that we are striving to replicate. 

Mangia, everyone! Or, as Beeman would say when dinner was ready, “C’mon!”

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